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Ability to upsell/cross-sell an add-on that gets added to each shipment instead of just the next shipment

With the new add-ons app, sellers are able to currently offer one-time products as add-ons to their subscription products on their storefront website. This only adds the one-time product add-on to the first shipment.


I'd be nice to offer an add-on product that gets added to each shipment and charge for that add-on being in each shipment.


So if they choose a monthly term then every time it renewed, they would also get charged for the add-on product and it would get added to their shipment. If they chose a 12-month prepay then it would be in every shipment and the customer would pay for that upfront (add-on price x 12).


Barkbox does this by offering to add an extra premium toy to each box during the checkout flow

  • Grant Heimbach
  • Aug 28 2017
  • Attach files
  • Helena Harris commented
    November 12, 2017 19:58

    This would be great! Not only would it make it easy to increase profit per customer, but it would make sure that the item added on got in every box, rather than doing this manually with an add-on product and notes (big potential for error and possible cancellations if an error is made). Please add this Cratejoy!

  • Andrew Newman commented
    January 26, 2018 15:03

    Intersted in idea. I can work with this if you build it

  • Andrew Newman commented
    January 26, 2018 15:03

    A little concenr i will end up like a cheap airline making folk pay for lugguage!